Strategic Partnership Announcement: BlackDragon x CyberFi

2 min readJul 19, 2021


Partnership Overview

BlackDragon is delighted to announce its latest strategic partnership with CyberFi, an ecosystem on a mission to bring the DeFi 2.0 experience to life and add a new infrastructure layer through sophisticated automation solutions and a state-of-the-art launchpad / stakepad platform.

The partnership is one of mutual support, sharing resources, and exposing both CyberFi and its Samurai launchpad to a wider community, facilitating growth across all platforms. Moreover, BlackDragon’s work alongside CyberFi will focus on enhancing the deal flow and providing the communities a strong range of new, promising DeFi projects.

CyberFi has strong community support fortified by an amazing launchpad / stakepad platform and premium deal flow focused on bringing sound returns to their investors with the help of their automation solutions. As BlackDragon does something similar for early-stage projects via their community-backed token and investing platform, this partnership came about organically.

Our cooperation will focus on empowering the projects behind the development of innovative blockchain solutions which solve real-world problems while rewarding the users and community members of the CyberFi/Samurai and BlackDragon ecosystems by providing them with even more innovative investing options.

About The Partner: CyberFi

CyberFi is a non-custodial intelligent automation platform that is reshaping the DeFi user experience. From beginners to experts, users can finally automate separate actions and events which makes using DeFi platforms simple and easy to use for the masses, while providing advanced features for professionals.

On top of all of that, CybeFi’s Samurai platform is the definition of what a state-of-the-art launchpad should be:

V2 — Asset Management Platform — Users of the platform will experience zero-stress, automated DeFi trading, farming and yield generation, smaller fees, and tools for impermanent loss mitigation.

SAMURAI — a LaunchPad and StakePad Fusion. Bringing even more value to $CFi holders, Samurai is a joint IDO and Staking Platform to automate the process of participating in launches of amazing projects, and for users to have a place for easy management of their Staking.

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About BlackDragon

A decentralised blockchain-native fundraising group with dedicated in-house marketing, development, and research teams that support promising early-stage projects by providing invaluable resources in marketing, advisory, community growth, and access to an exclusive industry network.

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